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56962Re: New Magic Lantern breakthrough -- dual ISO

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  • Erik Krause
    Sep 9, 2013
      Am 09.09.2013 20:07, schrieb Keith Martin:
      > ETTR is an old technique – well, old compared to Magic Lantern builds
      > at least – that aims to get the most from digital sensors. Photos
      > taken using the ETTR approach need to be processed to adjust the
      > final appearance down from the slight over-exposed appearance. But it
      > takes practise to do this while not actually clipping highlights.
      > (Ones you don't want clipped, anyway.)
      > I don't know how precisely this maps to the Magic Lantern feature,
      > but it's definitely worth exploring.

      Precisely. With the exception that ML can show you the raw histogram,
      how near you are to the right side of the histogram and even do ETTR
      automatically. On request the even write a XMP file with the exposure
      correction needed in order to get standard exposure.

      Erik Krause
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