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56817Re: [PanoToolsNG] Help with lens flare

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  • Robert Slade
    Jul 31, 2013
      How can spots on the mirror possibly show up in the image?

      On 31/07/2013 19:21, JerryRoger Hicks wrote:
      > I’ve seen these spots before and don’t believe they are spots on the mirror. What type camera did you use? Mirror spots will show up in the highlights on every panel. This picture has spots only near the window which indicates they were made by light reflecting off the lens onto the filter, back to the lens and back to the skylight filter. I have several very similar panos. The only cure with that particular lens is not to use a skylight filter, or to obtain a skylight filter with better coatings.
      > You can check you mirror by shooting a white board full frame. If there are spots, they will show up similar to the spots in your picture.
      > JerryRoger Hicks
      > Torrance, CA
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