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56804Re: Magic Lantern Raw 360 videos -- twin dslrs

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  • panovrx
    Jul 30, 2013
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      > http://www.stereopanoramas.com/townhalloverunder360s.jpg

      Yes I am happy with it Sacha! I will make an anaglyph version soon that will work in DevalVR etc but the problems with wide angle, tilted viewing of stereo 360s remain.

      The answers might be depth map generation from stereo panoramas (already VR Player supports depth maps for 360 panoramas) or some dense camera array (light field) solution I think.

      But 360 equirectangular stereo works in scrolling mode fine -- and they work OK in the Oculus Rift (which is very forgiving for some reason of stereo alignment imperfections).

      Magic Lantern -- raw video with DSLRs -- is effectively bringing us back to the Nikon D1 era for 360 panoramas except now it works in stereo! Yeah! The Magic Lantern Raw frames are just like miniature Raw stills in their behavior (except for more aliasing artifacts and being subject to rolling shutter geometric distortions with fast motion). Also the sync problem remains even though I think it is less than random. With this panorama I think there is a sync offset of about 1/250th second which would make any closer fast action problematic.

      Because PTGui is so powerful now I dont think you need a motorized rotator except for very fast rotations (like this one was) or where you need to operate the rig remotely (to avoid moving shadows, pole shots etc.) I will try some today with a closer rig (base to base) just panning the assembly by hand.

      >>Zakato360 --Very nice stitching PeterM! ... loving your results!

      I am most interested in 360video these days where I've been doing some
      recordings with my 5Dii for sometime (http://www.zakato.com/?cat=435).>>

      thanks Zakato, very nice little planet videos! I have been playing with single camera fisheye Raw video too. I have made a rig (5dMkIII, 8-15canon) so I can see the screen with a magnifier with one eye, and see simultaneously a magnified bubble with the other. And then stabilising with PTGui. These kind of movies work nicely in the Oculus Rift too --eg. (ignore the cartoon effect -- "I once was lost, but now I see!")


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Sacha Griffin" <sachagriffin@...> wrote:
      > That looks perfect. Is there a way to view it corrected ala FSPViewer?

      > Here is another example -- as a jpg -- in over/under stereo format -- done
      > with the same fast rotating twin 5dII/10.5mm rig in 4 seconds using Magic
      > Lantern Raw video (100 pairs of frames)
      > http://www.stereopanoramas.com/townhalloverunder360s.jpg
      > You can view this in various stereo modes with Stereophoto Maker
      > (File/Open/Stereo Image - above-below )
      > PeterM
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