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56799Re: Magic Lantern Raw 360 videos -- twin dslrs

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  • panovrx
    Jul 26, 2013
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "zakato360" <zakato360@...> wrote:

      but will try to do some raw 360 video soon too (just got some proper lexar cards for this).
      > Read somewhere that even recording at a lower frame size the raw quality is excellent (could be stretched up afterwards without much or any quality loss!). And overcoming the 16:9 ratio looks very good too for panoramic video!!!!
      > Thanks again and i look forward to new results! ;)
      > Antonio

      Here is another one -- in equirectangular perspective -- from a higher viewpoint (about 3m). Here the sync looks very good -- check out the speedboat, for example, as it transitions the blend zone.

      The video is speeded up about 250% to make it more lively looking. Originally at 24fps.

      About making spherical coverage ..
      I have been playing with simulating tilts in PTGui. If you (virtually) tilt each shot down 20 degrees then you get rid of the nadir hole and you still have coverage across the 360 frame up to about 110 degrees vertically -- good for little planet 360s without nadir holes. Or if you add another camera looking directly up (above the other two tilted down) with a 180+ image circle then you can get full 360/180 coverage that way. Though it will not work very well if the lens is flare prone, or there are close objects in the 3rd lens's blend zones with the first two.

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