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56793Panos: sRGB or RGB? HDR or non-HDR? Opinions, please...

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  • Roger D Williams
    Jul 24, 2013
      I've just uploaded two more panoramas to the "Alsace" area at the top of my Rogerama photosynth collection. Previously, I thought that the colours might be looking a little under saturated because I forgot to change the colour space to sRGB, so I made sure to do it on one of them this time (the hotel). I also used single-exposure HDR (essentially re-tonemapping) on that one.

      I'd value opinions on which looks better. The colours certainly are brighter when I change to sRGB but could be a bit over the top. The tonemapping has also introduced some halos, and I was surprised to find that although I specified "process for 360-degree panorama" in SNS-HDR, I ended up with a visible seam in the sky which needed massaging in PhotoShop. That was a "first" I don't want to repeat.

      These two were quite time consuming to create, for various reasons, one of them being that there were few true verticals to help with leveling. Would value opinions. I do think my old Peleng, used here, still does a reasonably good job, creating four-around panos a little over 10,000 x 5,000 pixels.

      I'll shortly introduce the little monopod "foot" that I hope will help me create 12,000 x 6,000 panos using the Pentax zoom fisheye at 10mm FL.

      Roger W.

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