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56766Re: RAW dynamic range extraction

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  • Erik Krause
    Jul 13, 2013
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      Am 13.07.2013 13:19, schrieb Jeff:

      > He does not say to underexpose, quite the contrary in fact.
      > What he says is to overexpose in camera, then to underexpose in the Raw
      > convertor.
      > (How much you can overexpose/underexpose will vary, depending on your
      > camera and the Raw convertor used).
      > Thus getting more shadow detail to work with, and by using the best
      > "convertor" getting the best highlight detail as well.

      Exactly what I say. And even more: In the wiki article I give hints on
      how much you can overexpose (in camera) before you definitely blow the
      highlights, namely raw ETTR and UniWB:

      ETTR is now ten years around. However, until Guillermo Luijk's article
      about UniWB there was no workaround to the problem of most cameras not
      showing a raw histogram. And only after Magic Lantern displaying raw
      histograms, raw ETTR hint and raw zebras there is a really reliable
      technique to use the full power of the sensor of widely used cameras
      without guesswork.

      May be I didn't pay enough attention to best image quality in my
      article. My goal was to demonstrate how to save the maximum from the raw
      data into a stitchable format. Fine tuning to achieve best quality is
      far better done on the stitched panorama, since only there you get the
      complete impression. But hey, it's a wiki! Anyone is more than welcome
      to improve the article!

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      Erik Krause
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