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56762Re: RAW dynamic range extraction

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  • Erik Krause
    Jul 11, 2013
      Am 11.07.2013 15:41, schrieb Jeff:

      > > Classical photography doesn't have to cope with the problems panorama photography has.
      > Erik, I disagree with this statement, we are all (I assume) trying to
      > achieve the best quality we can from our images, are we not? I cannot
      > perceive why you would think that "Classical" photography would
      > require a different level of quality compared to panoramic images.

      Not a different level, but different problems. I agree with all he says,
      only that he doesn't speak about the specific problems we have: We need
      to expose all images for a panorama the same, and we shoot in all
      directions: against the sun, where there likely are deep shadows and
      with the sun in the back where there are no shadows at all.

      A classical photographer won't shoot in those directions if he can
      avoid. And if he does he'll use this as creative effect.

      We want to show anything around, including deep shadows and bright
      highlights. Hence we have the problem to compensate for that. He says
      ACR 2012 is not the best, better use 2010 and underexpose. But if we do
      so we loose shadows we need so much. And if he says Aperture does it
      better, well, why not? I can't judge. Your're welcome to write an
      article about Aperture.

      > Sorry nearly forgot - I "assume" he is using ACR 8.1 in his video, as
      > he states he tries all the Raw convertors, and he is usually right up
      > to date, but I could be wrong.

      Definitely not. The page is from May, ACR 8.1 came out in June.

      > I have tried ACR 8.1 myself and it seems to suffer from the same problems, but hey! try it yourself.

      I didn't find the greying of overexposed skin (or the cyan tones of
      overexposed sky) which is a problem in other raw converters and I was
      very happy about that. What problems are you talking about?

      Erik Krause
      Herchersgarten 1
      79249 Merzhausen
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