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56742Re: Oculus Rift - 360 videos

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  • panovrx
    Jul 1, 2013
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "panovrx" <mediavr@...> wrote:
      > The Rift HMD seems to be getting a lot of interest as a (2D) 360 video viewer. eg. from a mainstream 360 video maker
      > http://www.makingview.com/makingview.com/?page_id=1691
      > There are a few players now with Rift support for 360 videos (and other 360 content)
      > http://www.your3dcenter.com/watching-videos-on-the-oculus-rift/
      > The VRPlayer in particular has good support for tracked viewing of stereo 360 spherical panoramas, mono 360 panoramas, fisheye stereo videos, and 360 mono video panoramas. Also depth mapped 360 stereo panoramas (needs a bit more work).
      > Am waiting for my developer kit -- when I can give some hands on reporting, but the VRPlayer for instance, supports other modes, eg. side by side viewing, so you can see the functionality is there.
      > PeterM

      I got my Oculus Rift (OR) yesterday and tested VR Player with it first thing. Stereo panoramas work well with it once you have set the parameters properly in the program options. The head tracking is the most impressive thing -- very low lag and very accurate seeming. As you look around in the panorama the view changes instantly. You can turn 180+ degrees and the tracking is still good. (the cables prevent free 360 rotation).

      The worst thing about the OR is the screen -- the pixels are very visible and the screen has low contrast and subdued color. On the forums users are modding the unit with a diffuser on the screen which makes it much easier to look at reportedly. OR demonstrated a prototype with a higher res screen recently and this I think would much the OR much more usable for real world content like 2D and 3D 360 panoramas.

      VR Player has lots of options now for display options and tracking technologies including dual regular monitors (ie. you dont have to use the OR with it). I have Razer Hydra peripherals (handheld wired controllers) and I will see how they work for steering/zooming the view when I install them.

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