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56732Re: Panotour pro, KRpano and Kolor upgrade policy...

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  • afrenyo
    Jun 28, 2013
      Hey Luca,

      I feel the same way. When I saw the xml, and realized its shortcominfs, I wanted to return it, Within the firs couple of days, but, of course that was not possible - never used it.

      And I sold an awful lotta tours in this time. None could I use the software for, this was clear to me right away, once I could see beyond its demo abilities.

      It's not a tool for someone who knows what they are doing, and want to just speed some part of the process up at times. It takes away reasonable control of your project through its messy , unoptimized code. Add the ironic difficulty with which you might wanna enable your tour with _current_ krpano features (i.e. improved, not even the added ones), which they simply don't keep up with . . . .

      It was a waste of money for me, but there are plenty of people who couldn't do without it,so it's hard to fault them for doing business as they do.

      As with me, it seems this was just a bad match for us, too bad we could have seen it coming before putting the money out. I do not fault the pricing, I fault the product itself, and the lack of transparency upon which I could have made a better educated decision at the start. NOT to buy it.


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Luca Vascon <luca.vascon@...> wrote:
      > I'm writing this more with my heart than with my brain, so take it as it
      > is...
      > I was wandering around Kolor website. I had news from friends that were in
      > iceland that Panotour Pro 2.0 was coming out, and giving finally a
      > good-and-clean krpano xml output.
      > I had a project this spring that needed some virtualtours to be realized.
      > I have to say, to make things clear, that I know how to code in KRpano, and
      > I usually do that. I realize the whole things from scratches. I decided to
      > put the money together and to buy Panotour pro, just to put together the
      > things more easily, to save some time, and use the code it generates as
      > base for the final tours.
      > Ok, our output are usually made-to-measure things, so, our interfaces, ways
      > of interact, graphics, are made to fullfill the actual needs of the
      > customer.
      > We do not change "skins", we project interfaces
      > It ended up that the Panotour Pro is aimed for ready-made tours, and the
      > code it pops out is a mess. All the resulting virtual tour will have the
      > panotourpro inprinting, whoever will recognize bounduaries and presets,
      > schemes and patterns... Ok, I agree, it is not possible to make it
      > differently with a software.
      > Well... in terms of xml?! Even the placing of elements in the map is
      > something I'd prefer doing by hand. I could not make any use of Panotour
      > Pro, at the end. XML usage is kinda messy and out of my standards (that
      > are copy of Klaus KRpano examples), completely.
      > Using KRPano with its own tools is, for me, faster, less complicate etc.
      > Ok, Panotour Pro stays on the drower, hoping next version will give me some
      > reason to use it.
      > Now I do not know if next version will be the thing I'll be looking for,
      > but since the upgrade policy, and the rising price, it will be for the same
      > price I gave for the version 1.8 just less than 60 days ago (I had KRpano,
      > so I could use it as discount token)...
      > Ok, I already did my idiocy. I bought a software I'll never have reason to
      > use (the xml output is a real mess, it is disabled in the evaluation copy).
      > My heart feeling, now, is that I won't upgrade. Even if it gives me a good
      > code, in which I'll for sure have to put hours more to get things my own
      > way, and I will not be able to see it if not thank to somebody who bought
      > it... it will not justify that price tag.
      > Said that, I do not think I can resell my licence (with KRpano discount
      > etc) and I only throw my money out of the window...
      > I'd add... buy KRpano licence itself, and learn how to code!
      > That is the core! the most fantastic panoramic display softtware EVER, and
      > it is so damm cheap! with no upgrade policies or surprises, till now. Ok,
      > average upgrade is every 4-6 months, with GREAT plus and functionalities...
      > :-)
      > --
      > Luca Vascon.
      > --
      > www.lucavascon.net
      > www.officinepanottiche.com
      > www.nuovostudio.it
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