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5671Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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  • Matthias Taugwalder
    Jan 3, 2007
      > Hello Matthias, I like this picture. You caught the perfect time for
      > all beautiful fireworks!!
      > What lens did you use and how many shots have you done for this picture?

      Acutally it's a bit more complicated than that... It was shot with a D200
      and 10.5mm lens... Stitched in PTgui.

      The "secret" is the following, the panorama consists of two different
      panoramas: One for the people at about 1/25s shutter speed, the other one
      for the fireworks was at 2-4s exposure time. For the fireworks I shot
      continous shots and blended these different layers (about 30-40 different
      images) afterwards to one seamless image. To get the exact the same
      positioning (and leveling) of the shots I loaded both equirectangular images
      into PTgui set the control points by hand, optimized and re-rendered one of
      the panoramas. Finally I set manually a layer mask to combine the images
      (fireworks above the horizon, people below).

      Quite some work, but it was worth it...

      Best regards,


      Matthias Taugwalder

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