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56668Tripod/Monopod Question

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  • christophbla
    Jun 4 1:04 AM
      Hi there,

      I've got a question; I'm doing aerial photography in the mountains and therefore need basically a pole with a good stand (tripod) to hold a small monitor or antenna (not the camera, those things are max 1.5kg).

      I'm asking here because I found out that a lot of people are using such setups (pole on a tripod) and I wondered if someone could give me an advice or suggestion.

      The fanotec poles used here are too expensive for me, but I thought I could maybe do something similar. There are also smaller tripod/monopod combinations like this: http://i.ebayimg.com/00/s/NDMzWDY1MA==/z/z4QAAOxy9eVRVqdk/$T2eC16dHJG!E9nm3rIdEBRVqdkER8Q~~60_3.JPG

      Since I already have a Gitzo Tripod that I like very much (it needs to be lightweight for hiking) and since I also want to buy a good monopod for photography, I thought I could just get a good and sturdy Gitzo monopod and somehow mount it to the tripod.

      I could either mount it directly (reversed) using the tripod screw, or use some kind of adapters to do this. The problem is that I don't really know how stable the first option is, it would of course be the easiest way as the Gitzo monopods have screws at both ends..

      Could anyone give me some advice with this problem?
      All in all it should of course be as lightweight as possible but still sturdy..

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