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566262 resolutions, 1 gigapixel pano

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  • Luc Villeneuve
    May 23, 2013
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      Hello everyone,

      I have a project with hot air balloons leaving the ground and a huge crowd looking at these balloons. The client wants the user to be able to add their Facebook tag on the image.

      Of course, all the balloons are moving. To freeze the balloons, I have to use a short lens. It might be a 10,5mm. On the lower hemisphere, the people have to be captured at high definition. Let's say 50mm. At the end, I need to match the resolution of both images, to the resolution of the 50mm.

      Does someone already did such project?

      I did some search on this forum because I already read something on this matter but obviously, I didn't used the right ones. It's probably what we call a language barrier!

      Can you tell me which words I should use in the search to find it?

      Or any advice?

      Thanks, Luc
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