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  • jimbo
    May 15, 2013
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      Hi again Peter..
      You are correct.. 14 bit Raw , I agree, would certainly be an incredible improvement over what technology is currently available. and yes from an adjustment standpoint it would be great.. I think, like you possibly, I see video as the next frontier. I mean it's been around for some time but it is really advancing to and I feel it will open new doors with other uses.. I mentioned the Atomos Ninja  only in the event you weren't familiar with them.. Atomos has other similar products also .. Canon has released a new version of their firmware 1.2.1 which allows uncompressed HDMI video capture and it works with the Ninja-2.. I would think that were not that far away from seeing some incredible video potential.. Anyway with Magic Lanterns version of the firmware you still should be able to record directly to a Ninja which uses SSD's as the recording media.. I have a couple 480GB Sandisk Extremes and these were well under 400.00 ea.. Recently I bought a few 240GB Sandisk SSD's on sale thru Amazon for 159.00 each.. 
      Anyway, in the event your not familiar with video implementations .. presently their are three specs beyond 1080P that could be achievable on a DSLR..  4k , 5k and 8K ...... 4k is 4096 x 2160, 5k is 5120 x 2700 & 8k is 8192 x4320.. It's worth keeping an eye on the development of these.. I think outfits to keep an eye on are of course both Canon & Nikon (Canon is clearly superior and Nikon is a late comer but it appears they are now taking video seriously or at least trying to) . Atomos is securely tied to the development of video technology being developed by Canon , Nikon and Red.. and of course Magic Lantern. I try to keep current on what Red is up to as it just help in an understanding of the barriers that High Resolution faces.. Writing the data is a huge issue.. both Atomos and Red work hard raising the bar there.. 
      Our DLSR's are not designed nor packaged to process data at the rates required.. The barrier is the often the camera buffer..  I look to see Atomos and or Red develop a small compact Stripped raid solution with a few SSD's to overcome this issue.. It's actually sort of exciting to watch all the changing going on.. but also kind of scary too. 
      A while back I had the opportunity to view a time lapse video done in 8k.. I will honesty say I was literally blown away.. even now as I recall it.. it  is still unbelievable to me.. That  seems to be where it's headed..
      Lastly is their any software out there now that can deal with 14 bit raw video???
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      From: panovrx
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      Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Re: 14bit raw video from Canon 5d II/III


      Yes but HDMI capture just gives you less compression, not raw dynamic range or raw color correction capability. HDMI capture is like going from jpg at Low Quality to jpg at Maximum quality. Whereas raw capture is like going from jpg at Low Quality to Raw. There are some artifacts associated with the Raw capture currently but compared to the regular video quality it is a vast improvement


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      > Peter,
      > If your looking at video capture.. consider looking into an Atomos Ninja also.. I'm not intimate with their use with a Canon except to say that they are being used widely with Canon DSLR's. I am with the D800's & D4's ..We are shooting uncompressed video directly into the Ninja bypassing the internal cards..What this also means is that were shooting directly into SSD's, so size is not an issue anymore. The SSD's are getting fairly cost effective now and work excellant with video capture. The Ninja has a seperate viewing screen and provides many of the video options not presently availble for DSLR's.. The 5dmIII will capture 30fps at 1080P.. Canon released a model (EOS-1D C last year that shoots 4k video.. (4096 x 2160) presently @ 24FPS.. which is quite a bit more then 1080P.. (1920 x 1080)... actually double +..
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      > Subject: [PanoToolsNG] 14bit raw video from Canon 5d II/III
      > As has been in the news lately the Magic Lantern developers have managed to get raw video from Canon DSLRs. For panorama makers this has a lot of potential for video capture of panoramas as you have a lot more dynamic range, and you are not shortening your shutter life if you want to shoot thousands of panoramas (though it might kill your camera otherwise).
      > You need fast cards to capture in the highest resolutions. I can get 24 fps at 1920 by 720 without dropping frames on my 5DmkIII but full 1080p HD is possible with more recent versions I think (this is with a 1000x CF card). You can choose custom croppings that give you eg. 1380 by 1280 pixel captures -- good for say getting most of a 10.5mm Nikkor on FF image circles. Or you can use very narrow formats eg. 360 by 1080 with higher frame rates.
      > The DNGs you get (after processing the raw captures files) look and behave exactly like regular raw still images from Canon -- with all the color correction etc capabilities. I have been using Bridge to process the DNGs. The data rate is large with large file croppings -- like 15minutes on a 64Gb CF card -- though this would be not such a concern for pano makers probably
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