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56599Re: Back up your backups?

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  • John
    May 2, 2013
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      I have a question for all my collogues,  I have been a very deep user of the program Stitcher. The program sold to Autodesk years ago, and because of upgrades in the Apple operating system, it has failed on all installations on my MAC, but I still have a working copy on my PC.  There are two reasons I still use Stitcher as my main software for panorama production.  One, is that it includes enblend, which makes my images as sharp as 8X10, and second because you can go to the center of the image projection and from a center point lift or lower the center of the image.  I think since Stitcher was a bundled package with Monfroto’s QTVR head that since the native projection was based on a being able to manipulate a spherical geometry, that you are able to shift the counterpoint of an image.  By this, I mean that you can stand at the corner of a building and rotate the vantage point to where it looks like you were standing predominately in front of the right side of the building.  With the press of the “alt” key and the left clicking, you can change the vantage point so that the point of focus travels to a point where you are on the right side of the building, as if sliding within a sphere.  You can also raiser the center point to correct of distortion.  Is there another software that lets you shift the image center based on a spherical center point projection?  NEED TO KNOW.




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