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56494Re: [PanoToolsNG] I miss Superrune!

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  • Christian Bloch
    Apr 2, 2013
      Hi Roger,

      You can get the exact same superrune behavior with Flexify in Photoshop. Equirect to zenith/nadir patch in the same image dimensions, side by side. And back. I recorded it as Photoshop Action once (including the make new layer), and now it's just a blind firing of the action. Not even the Flexify interface gets in the way anymore.

      Pano2VR has the PatchTool for exactly that purpose, so here you wouldn't need to do a full cubic conversion either.

      Both of these nadir patching workflows are described in full, with step-by-step tutorial and screenshots and example images in my HDRI Handbook 2.0. (pages 490 to 495).

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