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56343Re: Director 12 -- tool for virtual tours for iOS?

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  • Aldo Hoeben
    Mar 5, 2013
      > Aldo, what do you think about new Director?

      I think it has lost relevance. A long (long) time ago, Shockwave had the only hardware accelerated 3d browser-plugin with any market penetration. That made it interesting for panoramas.

      > What is the potential of Director 12 for 360video?

      Very little, in my opinion. Shockwave as a plugin has far too many issues and not enough install-base to be interesting. Browser-plugins are a lost cause anyway, and there are better performing solutions on the way. WebGL being an overdue one.

      I don't even think that there is a well-supported way to use video as a texture in this release.

      >> It would be interesting to see what the iOS Shockwave3d support is.

      As far as I know, Shockwave3d is supported. You have to wonder though if the price of Director and the publishing royalties you may have to pay for your app in the app-store are worth the little time you save by not writing the application from scratch in xcode. Or you could simply use krpano in a phonegap/cordova container.
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