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56334Re: [PanoToolsNG] HDR tools for Large Panos

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  • Alan Shaw
    Mar 3, 2013
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      Is PTGui a contender?

      On Mar 3, 2013 12:50 PM, "Christian Bloch" <Blochi@...> wrote:

      I've been doing some extensive testing on working with very large EXR panos (50K and higher) and tonemapping them. Most software makers don't even have such big images, and so I have continuously been sending them large files for testing purpose.

      It is indicated in my book, on the huge two-page HDR software comparison (pages 106/107), under a "Large File Handling". Three points mean it can do well, and the only programs so far are: FastPictureViewer CodecPack, Bridge, Photoshop, Picturenaut, Photomatix Pro, SNS-HDR Pro.

      - Photoshop is stable with large images in 32bit, but of course limited in what you can do with tonemapping. But works great for cleaning up large panos and manual dodge-and-burn techniques.

      - Picturenaut is rather straight-forward, just works, although with very large images tonemapping is faster when you turn off the Preview.

      - In Photomatix the best workflow is to first tonemap a scaled down version (8K) to find the right settings, and then use the menu "Automate/Batch Single Photos" to apply this to the full-size image. Photomatix can also read PSB files (must be flattened), but I found it performs best when you save your big pano as Radiance HDR file.


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