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56304Re: [PanoToolsNG] OT - Different use for SNS HDR

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  • Roger D Williams
    Feb 23, 2013

      I am not sure I am seeing these photos at their best, as I view Google+ on my iPad and I think the quality of images is usually seriously degraded... one of the reasons I no longer bother with G+ unless someone posts an interesting link, like yours. From what I can see I would tend to agree with Sacha.

      I am a great fan of SNS-HDR and like you I am pleased at what it can do with single shots, particularly on my Pentax cameras, with their splendidly low noise in shadow areas. It allows me to bring up shadow detail and produce final images that look natural but still cover most of the dynamic range visible to the naked eye. I know that isn't physically possible but I'm creating a fairly satisfactory illusion!

      These days I am still taking three exposures (two stops apart) for HDR but increasingly find that SNS-HDR does all I need on just one of the three. I'm looking forward to improved de-ghosting and the promised addition of CA removal. If those come through, the program will make me far less dependent on DXO and PS CS6! 

      Roger W

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      On Feb 24, 2013, at 9:00 AM, "Mark D. Fink" <markdfink@...> wrote:

      I’ve been playing around with SNS HDR recently on single images, not adding multiple exposures, and I really like some of the effects that I’m getting. It’s not designed for this, but think of it as an added bonus.


      Have a look at two versions of a B&W conversion I did here:




      Image #2 is what I got out of Lightroom. Image #1 is after running it through SNS HDR. Image #3 is the color original that I got from three exposures blended in SNS HDR.



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