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  • Erik Krause
    Feb 22, 2013
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      Am 22.02.2013 10:29, schrieb John Houghton:
      > A really impressive result with excellent sharpness maintained even
      > when zoomed right in. However there is a disturbing abrupt change in
      > image quality as you zoom out - and not a change for the better,
      > either. There's a nasty heavy handed processed look - presumably an
      > attempt to brighten up a dull, low contrast image.

      If you zoom in you get a good resolution until there is a step where
      another image is loaded. Not perfectly registered and with different
      contrast. This image doesn't add more details. It only increases the image.

      That's no surprise, since most likely this wasn't shot at f/4 which
      would be needed to produce an effective resolution of 320 GP for a
      spherical panorama. Higher aperture values cause more blurring due to
      diffraction. See http://wiki.panotools.org/Diffraction#Resolution for
      details. The extender doesn't increase the resolution since the
      effective aperture is changed as well: The table shows the same values
      for 800mm f/8 and 400mm f/4.

      This is the end of the gigapixel race.

      Erik Krause
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