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56261Re: Technical question on PT coordinate system

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  • Thomas
    Feb 17, 2013
      Thank you Jim and Erik.

      The references on PTStitcher are helpful.

      I am having a devil of a time figuring out how to apply PTGui y,p,r to a panosphere having a right-handed coordinate system (meaning my X axis points left) Like PT, view is centered on (0,0,1) at y=p=r=0. Inverting the X axis in the rotation matrix seems to give correct alignments, however my projection mapping fns then fail.

      I need to invert the hand again without losing the alignment, this is surely possible but I can't find the right way to do it.

      Alternatively I could revert to left-handed coords, which Panini used for a long time, but I feel a bit stubborn since it took some effort to convert everything to right-handed.

      -- Tom

      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, Jim Watters <jwatters@...> wrote:
      > On 2013-02-17 6:47 AM, Erik Krause wrote:
      > > Am 16.02.2013 15:54, schrieb Thomas:
      > >> 1] do all PT family stitchers use the same coordinate system as original
      > >> PanoTools?
      > > As for Yaw, Roll and Pitch: Yes, as far as I know. The TrX, TrY, TrZ
      > > mosaic coordinate model is unique to hugin/nona. PTGui uses a different
      > > model with 5 coordinates: VPx, VPy, VPz, VPpan and VPtilt. They are not
      > > documented (AFAIK) but Helmut Dersch found them out for himself and
      > > implemented them in PTStitcherNG.
      > From Helmut: "PTGui uses a 2-axis pan/tilt + 3-d translation, in that order"
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PanoToolsNG/message/39331
      > Dev Ghosh who originally worked on the mosic mode for Hugin during a GSoC, but
      > never got finished, has just posted on the hugin-ptx list, "mosaic mode with
      > intuitive warp parameters", that he is implementing his original method to
      > create orthogonal views.
      > >
      > > Furthermore PTGui uses PTStitcher o-line C-coordinates while hugin/nona
      > > use S-coordinates. That means hugin coordinates are relative to the
      > > complete source image while PTGui coordinates are relative to the
      > > cropped image specified by the C-coodinates (the crop rectangle/circle).
      > > See
      > > http://wiki.panotools.org/PTStitcher#o-line_options for details
      > Yes the GUIs of PTGui and Hugin use different cropping models.
      > http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/PanoToolsNG/message/6212
      > PTStitcher definitely understands both.
      > --
      > Jim Watters
      > http://photocreations.ca
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