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56250RE: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Html5 xml and image encyrption

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  • Sacha Griffin
    Feb 12, 2013

      If anyone has ever used a retina iPad, this would be their choice for viewing virtual tours.

      CPU tech is diminishing every day. Tablets are getting faster and faster. People are abandoning laptops for tablets in droves.

      There’s no reason to carry around a 3 pound laptop when a 6 ounce tablet does the same thing better with a touch screen.

      Everyone has abandoned flash for html5/webgl. There are no flash only projects anywhere in development. This could have been said a year ago.

      I haven’t run into flash only content in ages. If your content is flash only, people simply close the window and move on.


      Potential revenue lost.


      Best Regards,


      Sacha Griffin

      Southern Digital Solutions LLC  - Atlanta, Georgia




      IM: sachagriffin007@...

      Office: 404-551-4275



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      On 02/12/2013, at 10:10 PM, giant_klobasa_monster wrote:
      > EVERY SINGLE INQUIRY we get from a potential client wants the ability to show the panos on "mobile devices"
      > [ snip ]
      > for the record, i use apple and android and windows, and they're all CRAP! :-)

      Ahhh, but we've been spoilt by big, high res screens, expecting crisp high res images, and for many of us, our eyes aren't what they used to be 20 years ago ;-)

      The "mobile" generation are after instant gratification, cheap drinks rather than quality wine. They haven't developed a discerning palate and in the race to do things faster or easier may never do ...


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