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56143Re: How to create a high resolution image of a hammer

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  • Erik Krause
    Jan 26, 2013
      Am 26.01.2013 15:59, schrieb Gerhard Killesreiter:
      >> >In fact any combination of close-up lens and base lens should work
      >> >if some kind of extension tube is used which places the focal point
      >> >of the close-up lens in the entrance pupil of the base lens, which
      >> >effectively projects the entrance pupil and hence the
      >> >no-parallax-point at infinity behind the camera.
      > Is there a tutorial how I can determine which add-on lens I need to
      > buy for a given macro lens?

      I don't know of any. However, it's not limited to macro lenses, any lens
      will do as a base lens. First determine where the no-parallax-point
      (NPP) of the base lens is just as for panorama shooting. Next calculate
      the focal length of the close-up lens, it's 1/dpt in meters. So if it
      has 2 dpt (diopters) the focal length is 50cm. Place the close-up lens
      by it's focal length in front of the NPP of the base lens. In our
      example you should place it 50cm in front of the NPP.
      You can even use an inverted other lens if you don't have a close-up
      lens, like Rik did in his setup:
      In this case the correct position must be found by try and error

      Another combo can be found here:

      For more one telecentric macro shooting search Rik's page for
      "telecentr": http://janrik.net/RiksLinks.html

      Erik Krause
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