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56131Re: [PanoToolsNG] Html5 xml and image encyrption

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  • Trausti Hraunfjord
    Jan 25, 2013
      Encryption of your work and other security features are essential in order to protect the work from being stolen.  If a client has paid for a project, let's just assume that it is an airplane museum, anyone can steal the imagery that the client has paid for, if it is not secured.  Not a very professional way to deliver content.  On the other side of the table we may have to protect ourselves from less than decent clients who might run off with a project without paying for it (after they get it for proof-checking), or they may alter the tour after the tour has been paid for (not a good thing to put one's name on some work that is then ruined by people who change things or make things so badly that the tour won't work as it should.

      There are many good and valid reasons for securing the work as well as possible.


      On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 5:06 AM, SKAL <sir_kalot@...> wrote:

      Il 23/01/2013 19:06, needakeeper ha scritto:

      I will be using pano cocoon to handle encryption for the flash based tour, but I have been unable to find out what software I should use to encrypt the xml and images in the html5 tour.

      Can someone give me a recommendation?


      Sorry for the noobie question, but why do you have to encrypt a pano?


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