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56127Re: [PanoToolsNG] How to level the pole

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  • Jim Watters
    Jan 25, 2013
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      The pole does not need to be level. The camera lens needs to rotate around the
      No Parallax Point.

      In a crowd scene where the pictures need to be taken quickly to avoid people
      moving use a motorized that rotates the camera for you. Don't give the pole time
      to tilt.

      When the sun is out look at the shadow of the camera cast by the sun. Stand on
      the side of the pole where you can see the pole and the shadow. As you rotate
      the pole make sure the camera stays in the same relative position. If you are
      going to fill in the nadir after you also want the camera in the same spot. To
      do the nadir I walk away several feet. Raise the pole from the ground to my
      waist and hold it out at an angle.

      Instead of a shadow, can also use reflections or a third person.

      Easiest is to have split level on the pole keep the pole vertical. Don't over
      extend the pole.

      Even a bending pole like this.

      Give me this.

      The pole and camera out over the edge becomes very heavy. The fear of the water
      does not help. rotating the pole on the edge would cause it to roll and come
      loose where it is tucked into the edge of two boards.

      Jim Watters
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