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55877Stereopano from Kolor

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  • panovrx
    Dec 3, 2012
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      Kolor have a research app I see when they produce depth maps from 360 panos -- with two panoramas one a short distance above the other. These depth maps look pretty good and they are thinking of using the tech for measuring scene dimensions. But good depth maps have lots of uses for panoramas -- especially for adding more freedom of navigation to conventional panoramas and for optimizing Smartblend type algorithms for stereo content.

      There is a lot of interest and new products for depth maps lately -- because of 3d conversion demands for stereo video and film content, robot navigation and metrically accurate Streetview type applications

      Re stitching action stereo panoramas. I have gone back to PTGui basic stitching in cases where there is some but not too much action.
      The Green masking tool does a good job where you need to specify what appears in both panoramas and you can use it to regularise the slices it is using.