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55801Panorama printer with paper rolls?

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  • Bjørn K Nilssen
    Nov 20, 2012
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      Looks like moving to Windows 8 at same time forces me to leave my fairly
      trusty, but very old, Epson R800 printer behind, as the available drivers
      are extremely bare-bones :(

      Looking for a new A3+ printer suitable for printing long/wide panoramas on
      rolls, as well as the occasional document, invoice etc, is pretty hard.
      It looks like none of the sites with comparisons, or even just with
      detailed specs, thinks that the info about ability to take paper rolls is
      of interest to anyone. Neither is it easily visible on pictures of the

      Could anyone here recommend an A3+(?) printer that can take rolls, and
      print high quality at not too prohibitive cost?

      So far the only ones I have seen are Epson R3000 and R2880 that can take
      I've had several Epsons. They print nicely, but they have all had some
      problems with paper feeding.
      The R800 has been very expensive in inks, while my old Stylus 3000 (A2)
      was very cheap.

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