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55784determine heading from sun position.

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  • Erik Krause
    Nov 19, 2012
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      ever had trouble to find correct heading for your panorama? If it is
      shot outdoor the sun might give you an exact value.

      One or the other might know of the possibility to use wolfram alpha to
      calculate the sun position for given GPS coordinates and time. Since
      entering all the values manually is too tedious I wrote a small windows
      batch file that extracts the relevant data from an image using exiftool,
      creates a suitable URL and calls wolfram alpha.

      All you need is to install exiftool from
      (could well be you have this already, f.e. if you use geosetter)
      and the little batch file from

      The downloaded zip contains a readme (both in english and german) with
      instructions how to install and use.

      Your image must contain valid GPS data and shooting date and time. So
      you need to geotag your images before you upload them to 360cities,
      which is beneficial anyway, since 360cities will read and use those
      data. A good program for that is geosetter.

      Sorry, windows only for the time being. Perhaps someone can make a mac
      or linux version, too. It's one simple command line for exiftool...

      If you have problems, suggestions or bug reports, don't hesitate to
      contact me. I'd be curious whether it works for the southern and western
      hemisphere as well.

      Sorry for crossposting.
      Erik Krause
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