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55767RE: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Tilt shift lenses and gigapans/panoramas.

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  • Sacha Griffin
    Nov 16, 2012

      I really don’t see the benefit of using a TS lens here. Focus wise there’s not much an improvement and maybe it’s even a step back.

      The proper method would be to simply adjust focus with a normal lens and deal with it in stitching, adjusting FOV for sections if absolutely necessary.


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      I rented a 90mm Canon TS-E the other night for an Elton John concert and this is one of the shots I got (stitched from about 7 shots handheld). I set the tilt and focus beforehand so that the front row of the crowd at least was sharp from near to far -- but you see the focus on Elton John is on his waist -- and his head is out of focus due to the tilt. But the crowd is pretty good I think. This is at f4@1/250at6400ISO. One thing about this lens is that it has a fixed relationship between tilt and shift -- so you can use up/down tilt and up/down shift at the same time only in vertical orientation. In horizontal orientation you are restricted to to up/down tilt and side to side shift. It looks like you can physically modify the lens I think by removing 4 screws if you wanted the former configuration. It wasnt any problem stitching the shots with PTGui but I didnt try merging it with other non-tilted shots.

      Compared to a normal 70-200L lens this lens seemed to have a lot more flare but it was very sharp I thought. There is something weird looking about the bokeh (out of focus blur appearance) sometimes I thought.


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      > Peter,
      > I don't often get to contribute anything on this group as their are so many that are beyond me.. But maybe here I can.. I have shot hundreds of Panos using both 4x5 & 8x10's .. My thing was I wanted the foreground correct and in focus along with what was off in the distance.. So in my case scenic images.. which were low to the ground with interesting forground detail and scenic vista in the back ground.. ( that was the goal ...didn't hit it all the time..:-). ) We need the view cameras adjustment to get there.. I've never had an issue stitching a row with PTGUI.. but it falls apart with another row of course.. but in what I was doing I didn't need that .. It wasn't about 360's..
      > So all that being said.. the T&S lenses I'm aware of fall quite a bit short of the super wides that are being used today. Nikon's 24mm would be what your working with..or a canon equivalent.. so now I'm gonna get creative.. So you have 2 of these.. not one..and using todays technology you coordinate them and their mounted on the same rotational pole.. Makes sense and could be very interesting..Expensive yes.. maybe way functional yes.. Shooting things like the concert shown makes total sense.. I guess stepping back .. way back ... it's about depth of field.. We all can look at an image and understand that some of it has a different level of sharpness then the rest of it.. We just learned that over the years.. What if we could change that..have it work more like our eyes do.. make the image correct beyond present days optic capabilities.. using technology.. no big deal that's where were headed anyway.. isn't it about who gets there first?
      > jimbo
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      > Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Tilt shift lenses and gigapans/panoramas.
      > Who knows about this? Suppose you have a "flat" crowd -- like this
      > say https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ANTNVK6mdrE at 0.09
      > Now for simplicity's sake suppose we have an old fashioned view camera and we tilt the camera down a bit and we tilt the lens down a bit to run the focus from front to back. And we then pan the camera to make the panorama -- all tilts and pans being done in a No Parallax Point manner.
      > Will half a dozen shots like this stitch simply. Or will one need skew factors or some such in PTGui etc? And will this partial panorama have the same geometry as other parts of the scene shot with a standard lens?
      > Now suppose we add the complexities of modern tilt-shift SLR lenses -- like the 90mm TS-E for Canon. Because the lens elements are all forward of the tilting mechanism tilting (down say) also shifts the lens. But you should be able to bring the lens elements back to a symmetric position with respect to the sensor by shifting it (up) some. Now it is the same at the simple tilt on the view camera example -- correct?
      > PeterM
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