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55646Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: Stitching Sony Camera Panorama Sweep Photos

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  • Bruno Postle
    Oct 14, 2012
      On Fri 12-Oct-2012 at 00:49 -0000, climber24752 wrote:
      >> On Thu 11-Oct-2012 at 21:54 -0000, climber24752 wrote:
      >> > I just bought a new sony camera with a panorama sweep
      >> > function.

      >> Without seeing the pictures I'd guess that you need to set these
      >> input panoramic images to 'cylindrical' and keep any 'normal' photos
      >> as the default 'rectilinear'. Probably you also need to set the
      >> 'angle of view' parameter for these panoramic images to 180° or
      >> whatever is your best estimate.

      >Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it and the best I could get it to do
      >was show the photos disconnected. Not sure why it did that. Doing some
      >optimizing just made things worse.

      These images can be stitched, here is a quick test:

      You basically have two cylindrical photos with angles of view of
      189° and 206° and a 'normal' rectilinear photo. Hugin stitches it
      fine, but you need to assign different 'lenses' to every image first,
      the .pto project is here if you want to play with it:

      Though I'm not very impressed with this 'sweep' function, there are
      lots of nasty artefacts, especially along the bottom edge.

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