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55604Re: Streetview "web app"

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  • panoramicsdk
    Oct 5, 2012
      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, "Aldo Hoeben" <aldo@...> wrote:
      > Ah... I was assuming this was common knowledge here.
      > Yes, the Maps app pre-iOS 6 had a very nice Google Streetview implementation, though hard to find. But this is no longer available in iOS 6; the button that would lead you to the streetview of a dropped pin now leads you to turn-based navigation.
      > There's a third-party app in the appstore (Live Street View, or something like that) that will get you "proper" streetview on iOS 6. And thursday google added streetview to their mobile version (in a way that is almost as well-hidden as the iOS5 app version).
      > Anyway, the point of my email was to open a discussion about the fact that nobody seems to notice that the new streetview "webapp" does not transform the panoramic image, or that nobody seems to care.

      Yes I seen that by checking the Business Photo page which actually shows just a panned cylinder.
      And there is no link to the Map as there is on my Desktop.

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