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55492inexpensive options for 180 deg fisheye capturing

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  • Lars O. Grobe
    Sep 19, 2012
      Hi all,

      I am currently looking into available option for capturing 180 deg
      circular fisheyes at rather low prices (limit about 350$).

      Basically I find so-called actioncams coming with 170 deg, which would
      be enough, but not providing any advanced features on the camera body.
      Especially taking raw image files and remot-control is typically not
      available. I also have doubts on the optical quality of the very cheap

      For compact cameras, there are adapters available, converting down to
      f*0.15. This would allow to freely choose the camera for features.
      Again, I have my doubts when it comes to the optical quality especially
      when using these adapter lenses.

      Mirror balls are not an option in this case.

      My requirements:

      At least 170, better 180 deg circular fov.
      Little abberation and vignetting.
      Raw-image data.

      What I do not care too much about:

      The absolute resolution is not that critical.
      Weight, size, handling.

      Where should I start?

      Thanks, cheers, Lars.
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