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55027360 Stitching for 3D Animation: Stitched Panorama Seems Are Looking "Jittery"?

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  • ultrun
    Aug 2, 2012
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      Howdy panorama gurus,

      I'm having great success stitching 180 circular fisheye images with Hugin (in sets of 3, at 120 degree rotations) generated in Blender, a 3D design and rendering program. I even got as far as automating the process of stitching an entire animation by creating a shell script to run on iOS (see below). The resulting 360 images will be projected on Science on a Sphere (SOS), a six foot diameter sphere that hangs from the ceiling. Here's what I have so far projected on a virtual sphere:

      Fun stuff!

      The Challenge:
      If you look to the left side of the sphere, you can see a "jittery" effect going on at a stitched panorama seem/border. The stars there jump up and down as it animates. I'm hoping to stitch every panorama set the exact same way, avoiding what I think may be some kind of optimization or dynamic blending that's going on, differing from frame to frame.

      Any thoughts on how to proceed?

      Here's my current process. I'm open to any suggestions you may have! Maybe this will help another spherical animator out there...

      1. I generated a set of three 180 degree fisheye images, rotated at exactly 0, 120, and 240 degrees (with an odd rotation in Blender, it may actually be -120, -240 in Hugin in this example). 3D rendering greatly helps with the accuracy and consistency of an animation I think. Images can be previewed at:

      2. I opened up Hugin and generated a first "template" panorama, following various instruction sources found online. Here's a snapshot of my tabs:

      Assistant: (skipped/no values set)


      Camera and Lens:

      Crop: (skipped/no values set)

      Mask: (skipped/no values set)

      Control Points: (would this cause some issues? - I made about 10 control points for all matching sides, including the last to the first image)

      Optimizer: (skipped/no values set)

      Exposure: (didn't change anything)


      A resulting panorama (cool!):

      3. I created a script by copying and pasting bits I saw while things were stitching and customized to batch process hundreds of panorama sets:

      #sometimes random sets fail with an interesting 'Abort: Trap 6' error, but easily fixed by re-running this script on individual sets
      cd /Users/owntheweb/Documents/personal/sos/output/
      while [[ $THECOUNT -lt $TOTAL ]]; do
      (( THECOUNT++ ))
      echo $THECOUNT
      CURNUM=$(printf "%.6d" "$THECOUNT")
      /Applications/Hugin/PTBatcherGUI.app/Contents/MacOS/nona -o out -m TIFF_m domemaster/360_2048x1024_B.pto $FILE1 $FILE2 $FILE3
      /Applications/Hugin/PTBatcherGUI.app/Contents/MacOS/enblend -w -f2048x1024 -o results/pano$CURNUM.png -- out0000.tif out0001.tif out0002.tif
      rm out0000.tif
      rm out0001.tif
      rm out0002.tif

      Then I render the animation frames to a virtual sphere:

      That's that. I apologize if this was a long rant. Any thoughts on how I can remove the animation jitter and/or improve my process? Thanks for the assist in advance!

      Best regards,


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