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55008Re: Need advice/help...direction....Something???

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  • kalpix_photo
    Aug 1, 2012
      Kyle said in his original post that he COULD NOT sign onto the Kolor forum and got no response from Kolor regarding his forum password.


      --- In PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com, John Riley <johnriley@...> wrote:
      > Did you even try to post in the Kolor forum? They have forums in both French and English.
      > John Riley
      > 4Pi-VR Media Solutions
      > http://4pi-vr.com
      > johnriley@...
      > (h)864-461-3504
      > (c)864-431-7075
      > (w)864-503-5775
      > On Jul 31, 2012, at 1:09 PM, Kyle Goodnight wrote:
      > > Guess no one has any comments or experience with this issue.. or Kolor support or lack of....no response... :-o(
      > > Anyway, I resolved the security issue myself..finally...still no response from Kolor..3 days now...maybe no one there speaks English??
      > >
      > > Kyle
      > >
      > >> Kyle Monday, July 30, 2012 2:39 PM
      > >> I Purchased Panotour Pro from Kolor. I played with the trial for a while and it worked ok, so I purchased the program. Now when trying to create a tour and include maps, I get a error from Adobe player saying it stopped an unsafe call from the .swf file that executes the map. Adobe player asks me to update the site to allow the program with an "allow" for the access web address. I do that and restart and get the same error. Anyone have any experience
      > >> with this issue with Adobe player?
      > >>
      > >> Second, the log in for the Kolor forum (that worked previously) now does not work. Sent a message to Kolor requesting Password reset, and am told email sent to change password...never arrives(3 times tried). Comment on the notice says to use and email address shown if the email does not arrive. Emailed that address and no response. Anyone have any experience with Kolor support...not impressed so far??
      > >>
      > >> I have an and OLD API from Google for Google maps and it looks like it still works as I get a map from the setup but with the Adobe issue, not much use..I get the same error with Bing maps...Adobe barfs on the access. Probably some global setting but I just dont see where that can be on the options for the player.
      > >>
      > >> I hope this is not tooo far off topic but kinda dead in the water until I find out how to fix this...I was hoping that someone has had these issues and can offer some advice on how to proceed with Adobe/Kolor to get a response.
      > >>
      > >> Kyle
      > >>
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