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54928Kickstarter "Astro" rotator/intervalometer

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  • Roger D Williams
    Jul 24, 2012
      Following a post on this list I checked out this time-lapse rotator and pledged the amount necessary to get one sent to Japan. However, I have had second thoughts because although they promise to develop an app for iOS that will control HDR it is not clear if they will be able to control bracketing at higher shutter speeds, i.e., at higher than bulb speeds. My guess is that that would involve more camera-specific software than they are prepared to create, even if it is physically possible. It looks like a really sweet device, though... Great concept and execution! Even without true bracketed HDR it would be very useful.

      I put up a specific question in the comments section, and will be interested in the reply, if any.

      Roger W.

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