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54699Re: 360 gigapixel images

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  • Erik Krause
    Jul 2, 2012
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      Am 02.07.2012 22:07, schrieb Peter:
      > Im planning on producing a 360 spherical gigapixel image. Is there a
      > way of working out how many images are required for any camera body
      > and lens configuration and what resolution it will produce?

      Yes, of course. You can use one of the panoramic calculators, f.e.
      or you load a sample image in PTGui and let it calculate the field of
      view from EXIF data. Given you shoot in portrait you simply multiply the
      field of view with 0.75 (for 25% overlap) and divide 360 by the result
      for the number of shots per row. You get the number of rows if you do
      the same with a landscape image and use 180 instead of 360.

      If you have the image loaded in PTGui and you set output projection to
      360x180 equirectangular you can get the maximum resolution if you press
      "set optimum Size"->"Maximum size" on create panorama tab.

      Erik Krause
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