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54666Re: [PanoToolsNG] "The Block" -- a social history project

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  • Michel Thoby
    Jul 1, 2012
      Hi Peter,

      Le 30 juin 2012 à 23:42, Bostjan Burger a écrit :

      Very interesting! Nice approach to the social geography. I have passed only few scenes but the impression is great. Quite heavy files (but with the reason)... I needed almost a (whole) minute to load a single scene ;)

      (the link is at the top of the page) ... or direct

      it takes a while to get past the first intro sections but then there are a lot of panoramas. It is a project by a TV channel here to document a location in inner Sydney with strong indigenous history.

      I made day/night panoramas for 20 locations which I stitched and gave to them but the rest is all inhouse production -- including developing their own pano viewer and navigation. It is a rather unusual navigation system but works pretty well I think. It keeps the user going around the block without being too constraining or having "next pano" hotspots everywhere.


      This is probably a masterpiece. But Bostjan said it all: it is so long to load each of the scenes. I may come back again later to view more of the project... when I get the mood ready for waiting long enough.


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