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53709How to create a simple website to display panos?

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  • Peter A. Schaible
    Apr 1, 2012
      I find the tutorials for Pano2VR (GardenGnome) and KRPano to be
      completely incomprehensible. I’m too old and have too much ADD to learn
      all the intricacies of HTML, WordPress, XML syntax, etc., etc.

      But I would like to have a website for displaying my panos, both linear
      and equirectangular. What to do?

      Do you know where I can find a competent and affordable freelancer to
      create a simple WordPress site using PanoPress? I’ve looked at
      elance.com but don’t see anyone there with panoramic photography website

      Alternatively, is there any Pano2VR or KRPano user documentation hidden
      on the Internet somewhere that a non-techie like me can read and comprehend?

      I would have thought the software manufacturers would write a very basic
      user’s guide for technology-challenged people like me, but alas,
      everything I’ve read is written by someone who assumes the reader has a
      lot of prior knowledge and experience.

      I’ve written instructional materials for years on much less complicated
      topics, such as how to set up an aquarium, for instance. My #1 rule has
      always been, “Never underestimate the reader’s intelligence, or
      overestimate her knowledge.”

      So, is there a way out of this conundrum? Please advise. Thanks.

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