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53410[Mod notice] Re: Returned mail: User unknown

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  • Erik Krause
    Mar 3, 2012
      Am 03.03.2012 15:16, schrieb Peter:
      > You know who this is, right? How many members do we have named
      > "Jook." He must be on assignment someplace exotic and using one of
      > his "throwaway" email addresses for some reason.

      Normally this should not come through to the list. Yahoo catches
      bouncing mails and sets the "bouncing" status for that members.
      Currently we have 57 members with bouncing email addresses. Jook is not
      on this list. I usually go through this list every few weeks and try to
      reactivate the addresses. Unfortunately this fails most of the time. If
      a particular address bounced for more than a year and the respective
      user didn't post in that time, I usually remove the member.

      Most frequent reason is an expired yahoo mail account. If you read this
      list by other means than email, please log in to yahoo, go to
      and see whether you are on the list. Click "View History" and scroll
      down to see the bounce reason. Try to correct the problem. You can
      change or add email addresses if you follow "Edit Membership" link.

      Please don't reply to this thread, if you have complaints or
      suggestions, use Panotools-List or mail the owners directly:

      Erik Krause
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