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53391Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: android pano?

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  • Roger Howard
    Mar 1 11:07 AM
      On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 2:29 AM, Ian Wood <panolists@...> wrote:

      On 28 Feb 2012, at 19:22, texas360dave wrote:

      > Not sure what WebKit is maybe it is a subset of Mozilla or something like that.

      Not quite. It's the open source web browser engine primarily developed by Apple. ;-)

      It originated outside of Apple as part of Konquerer/KHTML; Apple put a lot of work into it to create WebKit, which continues to be open source, Safari (which is based on WebKit) which istheir browser, and all the other components of Apple products which require a browser engine (like iAds, WebViews, etc).

      Google later got involved in WebKit, which is the heart of Chrome (on desktops), and both the original Android Browser and now the new Chrome for Android. Google puts a lot of work into WebKit, just like Apple (and others); it's one reason why developed for Chrome and Safari together is fantastic - they share so much heritage that their behaviors (at least in HTML/CSS rendering) are very, very similar; though Apple and Google are often on different versions of WebKit (since Chrome is a bit more aggressively updated), and they use different JavaScript engines.

      Back to Flash on Android - as people update their Android devices, particularly people installing Chrome for Android (a much better browser than the stock Android browser), they will progressively be losing Flash Player - the upgrade cycle in mobiles is working *against* Flash penetration, not in its favor.
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