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53321Re: [PanoToolsNG] android pano?

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  • Jim Watters
    Feb 24 6:28 AM
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      On 2012-02-24 8:55 AM, prague wrote:
      > what is the fate of panos on android?
      > it won't be long before flash is not available.
      > so how will we show panos on android?
      Adobe's Flash roadmap released Feb23

      Adobe will continue to release security updates for Flash Player Plugin on
      Android. Flash Player 11.1 is the last release for mobile browsers. Security
      updates will continue. I would guess it would be the same 5 years promised for

      The beta release of Chrome does not support Flash, so I never installed it on my

      Adobe and Google are working together to create a implementation of Flash Player
      to support Flash on all Google Chrome browsers. Codenamed "Pepper". The emphasis
      is to allow Flash on Linux x86/64 platforms. But why not mobile too?

      Eventually there will be new Android hardware that wont be compatible with Flash
      Player 11.1. Eventually Chrome will be out of Beta and will likely be the
      default browser on Android. When Flash fails I downgrade to HTML5.

      The HTML5 viewers I have seen so far do not match what can be done with Flash.
      When will they have: Tiling and deep zooming? 360° video support? ...

      Jim Watters
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