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53083Re: [PanoToolsNG] What Output Software Do You Use?

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  • Jim Watters
    Feb 2, 2012
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      I use PTGui to create the equirectangular pano. With the mask tool I seldom need
      to edit the pano.

      If there is editing needed I do that in Photoshop. I have stopped adding logos
      to the panos because I can avoid loading 95% of them into Photoshop and speeding
      up the process.

      I also use Pano2VR to make the panos web accessible but never undertook doing a
      Most of of panos end up in blog style (looking) web page with many panos on the
      page, but none of the panos linked together. The pages are static and mostly
      written and maintained in notepad.


      They look good. I like how you customized the icons and show the maps. But I
      had trouble navigating.
      hoteldeglace , I only tried to navigate to a few of the nodes, but it always
      took me back to the starting point, or someplace different than I expected.

      rbci jumping from node to node kept pointing me in a random direction never
      looking in the same direction when I left the previous node.

      chutemontmorency did not work.

      On 2012-02-02 8:19 AM, luc_villeneuve wrote:
      > No matter if it's a single or a series, I use Pano2VR for the final steps. It allows me to build a custom interface. I am getting used to it.
      > www.360-image.com/hoteldeglace2011-2
      > www.360-image.com/rbci2011
      > www.360-image.com/chutemontmorency
      > Luc

      Jim Watters
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