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52557do you want an Attitude Sensor for your camera?

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  • Jeffrey Martin
    Dec 6, 2011
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      new invention!

      starting from a discussion on the hugin list,
      I think I'm going to build (well - i'm going to ask my intrepid friend Robot Boy to build for me) an "attitude sensor" - it will record the Yaw, Pitch, Roll of a photo, and write it directly to the Exif data when the picture is shot. It will work only with Nikon SLRs I guess (only nikon has those tethered gps devices which write to the exif - it will be similar to this)

      This will theoretically allow you to shoot panos and then just load them on your computer and view the pano without stitching them; alternately it will let you load the images into your stitching program with the "rough position" of your images already there - similar to what you already do if you use a gigapixel robot such as papywizard or clauss, in order to drastically improve stitching reliability.

      I can imagine that it will allow you to shoot "Dorin's Stitchless Panos" very very easily. And other good stuff.

      Is anyone interested in such a device? Maybe this could end up as a kickstarter project... I for one find it exciting. Am I alone? :)

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