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52530Re: [PanoToolsNG] Information commissioner: very final !

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  • Mark Houston
    Dec 1, 2011
      Bostjan I'm very sorry that you have had to go though all of this. It's a load of crap. 
      If a shooting and publishing a VR Panorama is considered "data collection" then isn't any type of photography also "data collection". 
      I think you need to copy and move all your files to a non-EU country , also please publish the contact information of this "Information Commissioner ". I would like to send her a little e-mail. I hope other would like to contact her as well.
      Thanks and Good Luck..
      Mark Houston

      On Dec 1, 2011, at 3:42 AM, Bostjan Burger wrote:


      Now it seems very final. I hope that I have translated correctly:
      Information commissioner of Slovenia has declared that Virtual Reality panorama is collecting and maintenance of the personal data. As a database it is under her jurisdiction. Such photography is illegal to be published on the internet unless it is with the blurred face. Published Virtual reality panorama with not blurred faces is legal only in case that the publisher has a written permit of all people on the panorama. The source images from which panorama were stitched need to be unrecoverable deleted e.g. destroyed.
      What about other images published on the internet? That is not a data collection but it doesn’t mean that the publisher is without the responsibility. To be “safe”, the publisher (photographer, videographer) needs to get (ex-post) the permit every individual documented on the image.
      That decree is valid for all images taken on the territory of Republic of Slovenia and retroactive (no time limit for the past). 
      As I don’t want to unrecoverable destroy and delete my source (RAW) images and to respect the decree of the Slovenian government, I removed from the internet (again! And again waste of my time…) even the cultural project with masking the people with African masks ( www.burger.si ). With that decision I can keep my panoramas for my personal use and wait for a new legal system which might allow publishing panoramas. I don’t feel to be a victim as my internet project was my “mission” and not for a living… but who is next in Europe... somewhere else?

      :) Boštjan

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