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52528Re: [PanoToolsNG] Information commissioner: very final !

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  • Robert Slade
    Dec 1, 2011

      I have been following your plight, and really sorry to hear this latest
      awful news for you. Perhaps this is the problem when people with limited
      technical understanding become regulators.

      Your story has hit some of the professional photography mailing lists in
      the UK, so more and more people are aware of your situation.

      Does the Information Commissioner of Slovenia define precisely the
      boundary between a stills photograph and a "Virtual Reality Panorama"?
      Perhaps there is some way to fall outside of their definition e.g. if
      they mention 360x180 then produce a 360x179 degree panorama.

      How do they intend to check that you have deleted the source files?
      Surely these qualify as ordinary stills anyway? Can you store them
      online or mail a hard disk of images abroad?

      Don't let them do this to you!

      Best wishes,

      Bostjan Burger wrote:
      > Now it seems very final. I hope that I have translated correctly:
      > Information commissioner of Slovenia has declared that Virtual Reality
      > panorama is collecting and maintenance of the personal data.

      Robert Slade, Photographer
      Manor Photography 07890 564889
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