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52171Re: [PanoToolsNG] Re: 360precision atome in google streetview

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  • Ken Warner
    Nov 1, 2011
      Ok, here's my two cents -- the best panographers among you all are perfectionists and should remain so. Those people and the complete arrogance and self-confidence in their own work and their opinion that their aesthetic standards are the benchmark for all others is what drives the leading edge of panoramic photography forward. Is what drives the development of new and better pano heads, cameras, lenses and shooting styles.

      Imagine if the standard for panography was Google's work. Suitable for web journalism and not for recording history or art or science for posterity. Suitable for car navigation not archives of important historical achievements.

      Someday, all those panoramas of cathedral interiors will be the only record of those structures. They need to be recorded with as great craft as possible. Google won't do that -- can't do that -- now. The best of you can and should.

      But Google is -- as you say -- bringing panography to the masses. And eventually those masses will demand better quality. It's an ongoing evolution. At any stage, a snapshot of that evolution will show ragged flaws. Let it happen...

      prague wrote:
      > Guys. And Girls. With all due respect....
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