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52Re: [PanoToolsNG] Photoshop Adjustment Layers/Adjustments on Seperate Image Areas?

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  • Kathy Wheeler
    Jul 11, 2006
      On 12/07/2006, at 3:33 PM, Wheaton, Simon wrote:
      > I want to apply different adjustment layers
      > (Curves-Brightness/Contrast-Hue/Saturation) to both the ground and to
      > the sky.
      > I also want to use a different Shadow/Highlight adjustment setting on
      > both the ground and the sky.

      I'd suggest you copy for eg the sky area only with a soft feathered
      edge to another layer and apply the adjustment layers separately.

      > I tried it and it seems that the adjustment layers, as well as the
      > Shadow/Highlight adjustment, affect the whole image and not just the
      > separate areas of ground or sky.

      I tend not to use adjustment layers myself - preferring to select the
      area of concern (or a copy of it) and apply the effects directly.

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