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51422Re: Hand/head held 3D viewers

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  • panovrx
    Sep 1, 2011
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      > Yesterday Sony launched a much more advanced system based on the same
      > method, a slick looking head device with build in display.
      > I am curious if the Sony head display is just a gimmick or a device that
      > will be just as popular as the View-Master, I guess time will tell.
      > http://www.sony.net/SonyInfo/News/Press/201108/11-097E/index.html
      > Wim

      the specifications are a bit obscure but twin 720p OLED is certainly good bang for the buck if it is $800

      I dont know what they mean by:
      >>The design of this device is such that it covers the maximum possible field of vision (approx. 200 degrees), surpassing the video viewing range of 45 degrees. Any information unrelated to viewing is isolated, resulting in a feeling of deep immersion. The supplied light shield (shade plate) can intercept the light from below, which further enhances the feeling of immersion for the viewer.>>

      it doesnt mention headtracking which would be what would be ideal for panorama vieiwng with it but that could be an Intersense eg. addon -- but then it would be expensive

      There is certainly something very natural about viewing a stereo 360 panorama in a tracked HMD.

      I love Viewmaster stereo too. The 3d effect is so strong somehow. A really compact digital version like that would be great. When mobile phones get a bit more hi-res a small phone plus a Hasbro type viewer would be the equivalent.

      I had a Viewmaster camera for a while, and the cutter to make the film chips and sets of empty reels and I would make my own reels and it was great.

      I made HMD-viewed stereo panoramas for this art piece here
      .. they had blue screen video characters running about in the tracked HMD view. They had two people each with HMDs in the set up in a museum, in different locations, and they were trying to figure out collaboratively what was going on in the scene they were looking at ( a prisoner escaping from a jail, shooting policeman, getaway car etc). So they were spinning around trying to see stuff. Worked ok but the resolution was pretty crummy.

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