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50951Re: [PanoToolsNG] Ideas for next cameras

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  • Erik Krause
    Aug 4, 2011
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      Am 03.08.2011 04:39, schrieb Sacha Griffin:
      > Though the article does mention "without clipping" I think it's still bunk.
      > You expose for the tonality you are trying to achieve - the result, not some
      > semi-mathematical system.

      Sorry to disagree. The article is about how to get the biggest available
      dynamic range and provide best tonality. There are even ideas discussed
      how to handle this transparently for the photographer, such that the
      image looks "normal" by default.

      Basically it describes a way how to store an image optimally, not how to
      display it. Remeber, you can't view a raw image directly, you always
      need to interpret it. The way this is done currently is suboptimal.

      Erik Krause
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