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50948RE: [PanoToolsNG] Ideas for next cameras

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  • Sacha Griffin
    Aug 2, 2011
      Though the article does mention "without clipping" I think it's still bunk.

      You expose for the tonality you are trying to achieve - the result, not some
      semi-mathematical system.

      In that nature, everyone should dial their cameras to manual and hot glue it


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      Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2011 10:24 PM
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      Subject: Re: [PanoToolsNG] Ideas for next cameras

      Mark, thanks for your link. That's an interesting theory... but I'm not
      sure about it's practical application.

      Exposing To The Right usually means longer exposure times (you don't
      want your DOF to be messed up by ETTR). Now, longer exposure times (in
      my photography) it's not exactly the kind of luxury I always have
      available. Many times I find myself on the edge of handheld shooting and
      even on a tripod, going from 1s to 3s for the sake of ETTR could easily
      introduce unwanted exagerated motion blur (from people, cars, trees,
      whatever). Usually in these situations we consciously exchange exposure
      times by noise by increasing ISO.

      In fact, if I have practical room for 2 stops of longer exposure for the
      ETTR, I could just go from ISO 400 to 100, which gives me a great
      improvement in noise as well. So the greatest application of ETTR would
      be in situations of medium to dark scenes, with medium to very low
      dynamic range, under ISO 100 and only if the user has room for 1 or 2
      stops of longer exposure without compromising the shot (otherwise the
      user will prefer higher noise).

      In real world my issues with noise happen in problematic, low light
      situations like shooting a party, a band show etc. In these situations I
      go for very high - and noisy - ISO exactly because I need practical
      exposure times. So even if the scene has a minimum dynamic range, it
      makes no sense my camera making much longer exposures for the sake of a
      lower noise.

      Did I get it all wrong?

      - Fabio

      Em 02/08/2011 08:51, Mark D. Fink escreveu:
      > Hi Fabio,
      > I would point them to this recent article in Luminous Landscape:
      > http://www.luminous-landscape.com/tutorials/optimizing_exposure.shtml
      > Thanks for passing this along!
      > Mark
      > www.northernlight.net
      > www.virtual-travels.com
      > www.pinnacle-vr.com
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      >> Sent: Monday, August 01, 2011 11:12 PM
      >> To: PanoToolsNG@yahoogroups.com <mailto:PanoToolsNG%40yahoogroups.com>
      >> Subject: [PanoToolsNG] Ideas for next cameras
      >> Hi everyone, how are you doing?
      >> Recently I was contacted by a brazilian consulting company that wanned
      >> to talk to photographers. It turns out they were working together with
      >> Nomura Research Institute (http://www.nri.co.jp/english/) a consulting
      >> company doing some research for Japanese companies related to
      >> professional photography - he mentioned Canon and Nikon.
      >> We talked today (with the help of a translator for the guy from NRI
      >> spoke japanese) and although they were interested in the particularities
      >> of the brazilian market, we also talked about equipment, and among other
      >> things they asked what kind of features I missed on my DSLR.
      >> I listed a few things that I miss the most (I mentioned better
      >> bracketing programming and full featured wireless remote control), but I
      >> also mentioned this group and that I would ask the question here too. So
      >> those of you who don't mind, feel free to share your thoughts and
      >> suggestions and I'll compile a list and send to them.
      >> I have no idea of what may come out of it, but at least I think there's
      >> a good chance that our ideas and requests will reach the right people
      >> inside camera manufacturers.
      >> Regards,
      >> Fabio.
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