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50450RE: [PanoToolsNG] zebra sky help

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  • Mark Fink
    Jul 4, 2011
      Hi Matt,

      I don't know if this is contributing to the problem, but why are you
      converting to sRGB TIFF? I convert to ProPhoto TIFF based on something I
      heard this guy say a couple years ago:


      It would be interesting to redo a section of your pano in ProPhoto and
      compare via overlay with your sRGB.


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      I've noticed on several of my gigapixel panoramas that there is a vertical
      banding problem, something like zebra stripes. It seems like every other
      image or so is brighter than the other, so that from left-to-right there is
      not a seamless sky but rather alternating light and dark. It is subtle, but
      clear, especially when you zoom out. It shows up in snow fields too.

      Here is an example (not sure whether this works on a Mac):

      This is a 20k wide version of a 120k pixel wide original; the zebra pattern
      is present in the full size original in Photoshop, so its not a resizing or
      HDview problem. Workflow was 16 bit throughout, from NEF to sRGB tiffs to
      PSB, then output. The images were shot with a D300 in manual mode with
      nothing left to chance (that I know of... but definitely not shutter speed,
      aperture or iso... not sure what else is left when shooting raw) and
      processed identically in ACR to tiff. Putting the tiffs side by side I dont
      notice an exposure difference, but I havent tested it well either. In
      PTgui, I tried with and without the exposure optimization tool, with not
      much difference. I guess I'm thinking I'm either missing some setting in
      PTgui or some setting on the camera, but before I spend much time with it I
      was hoping someone might already be familiar with this issue and could let
      me know the cause?




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